Bungee - Proxy SlashServer 3.0

Use /<Server name> to teleport to the server. Supports delay timer

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    SlashServer (version 1) - Use /<Server name> to teleport to the server

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  2. Awesome will be adding this tonight :)

    Let me be the first to vote for a config and perms. It would be nice if you could also set aliases for a server. Say we have a server named Apocalypse. So /apocalypse or /apoc could work to shorten it.

    Either way thanks for sharing.
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  3. I think it may also be case sensitive so Ill remove that aswell
  4. YoFuzzy3


    Yeah this plugin is like my BetterServerJoin but mine's kind of bad since it's a Bukkit plugin.

    Edit: Well I actually made it a Bungee plugin a while ago, I also think it may work differently to SlashServer.
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  5. It is currently NOT case sensitive(I tested). My message was more or less an example of the abbreviation that a config would allow for long server names(many aren't good at spelling).
  6. Oh so /lobby will still take you to a server named Lobby? If so this is brilliant :D

    And yes I will add a config in for the abbreviations. It may be a while away though depending on free time etc.
  7. This already exists. I'm 100% positive it does. Besides, bloodsplat, why not create an alias plugin instead ? Would be more useful IMO.
  8. I thought that aswell, I think it was YoFuzzy3's. Only reason I made it was because someone requested it via pm :) Isn't there already a few alias plugins as well?
  9. The only one I'm aware of is my command helper port to bungee, which is far from release
  10. I kind of understand the concept. So for a BungeeCord version it would handle all commands BungeeCord and also Bukkit/spigot. For example if I say in my config have "warp pvp: pvp" when the player types the command /pvp it would instead type /warp pvp for the player? If so I can make something simple for now along these lines tonight.
  11. Yes, but it'd be better to have it the other way around (pvp: /warp pvp)
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  12. bloodsplat would be awesome if you could add a configurable delay for teleporting between servers :)
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  13. yea delay would be nice
    i got ppl whipping around just to see if the can item glitch, configurable delay please.
    a global delay wold be awesome also for homes ans warps. anyone with a cross server inventory plugin this no delay can cause an exploit
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  15. dad


    This would be awesome but it will allow the command use BEFORE login, and I am trying to get away from that so I can have just my hub as login point, any thoughts on the timing to make this server side perms?
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    SlashServer 3.0

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  17. Any thoughts to adding a delay on connection? I want the player to be kicked from the server (back to bungee) and then add a delay of 3-5 seconds on the loading screen before connecting to the new server.

    This will save a lot of plugins that use the same storage system time to update/load.
  18. Not sure if that's possible with bungeecord or there's no api for it. I will have a look at it some time though
  19. Is there a way to block the command before they logged in with authme. They can now use the /pvp command before they logged in to authme.

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