Bungee - Proxy SlashServer 3.0

Use /<Server name> to teleport to the server. Supports delay timer

  1. can someone help me the plugin cant start.
  2. drop jar in plugins folder on your bungee server start server
  3. I want to disable teleporting message when player switches servers. I set the config like this:

    Code (Text):
    ALREADY_ON_SERVER: '&cYou are already on that server!'
    ALREADY_TELEPORTING: '&cAlready teleporting you to a server'
    Survival: 0
    Creative: 0
    When player switches server, an empty 1 line will be shown to player.
  4. Will this plugin work with mc 1.17? If not, is there plans on adding 1.17 support?
  5. this plugin runs on a bunger server, it works great on latest version of bungee