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Which is your preferred slogan for MINECON merchandise?

  1. High Performance Minecraft

  2. High Performance Minecraft Server

  3. High Performance Minecraft Servers

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  1. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    After the last voting there was a clear bias towards "High Performance Minecraft" or variants thereof.
    To help us decide further, I am creating this thread where you can only vote on these variants.

    The winner will be the slogan which is printed on our merchandise:

    Voting closes in 10 hours!

    ~Spigot Team

    PS: Things to consider when voting:
    How well does the slogan represent and demonstrate SpigotMC to people who have no idea what "Spigot" is?

    For shirts we plan to order the following:
    30 Extra Small, 85 Small, 105 medium, 75 Large, 30 Extra Large, 10 Extra Extra Large
    However if you think we are ordering too much of one size and not enough of others please let us know so we can think about changing the breakdown.
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  2. Scrayos


    Servers. Because that fixes the whole "server could mean Spigot is a server and not a server-software"- and the "minecraft could mean it alters the client"-controverseries and so servers makes it clear.
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  3. First: sounds like a client.
    Second: sounds like a server I can play.
    Third: sounds like a host.

    There were plenty of good slogans on the first thread.
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  4. High performance minecraft server :cool:
  5. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Your opinion, unfortunately 70% of people voted for the first two.
  6. I've been following on Twitter and not on the forums, so I'm just curious what exactly is still being prepared right now?
  7. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    For T-Shirts and Wristbands we have a slogan printed on them (see designs linked above). Some people reckoned we could come up with a better slogan so we took it to a vote, but most people seem to prefer the existing one.
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  8. clip


    High Performance Minecraft just seems like something is missing. I voted for number 3 because it sounds the best and flows well.
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  9. To be honest, it's not a "server". I consider it a software :p
  10. saphiria


    First: Best over all...
    Second: Server Network
    Third: Host

    I voted first again.
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  11. sothatsit


    "Server" sounds like spigot is a server they can play on.
    "Servers" sounds like it's a hosting company.

    That is why I picked #1 because even if they think its a client modification, everyone wants their minecraft to work better and be less laggy. If changing their server to use spigot decreases the lag I'm sure they would do it.
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  12. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Never thought of that.
    Also I like it because it's catchy even if it means nothing to you, kind of like "high performance motorsport" or whatever.
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  13. I thought the 'Modding made easy' slogan was pretty good while be it some what off. I voted however #3 because out of all of them it sounds best/seems to fit the theme.
  14. 2 and 3 are actually very close to each other, so they will divide up people who definitely think there should be the word "server" at the end. This can cause number 1 to become most voted. So i believe this aspect of the voting should also be considered. Maybe do this is two steps?
    1st voting: "high performance minecraft" or "high performance minecraft server/servers"
    2nd voting if "high performance minecraft server/servers" wins: high performance minecraft server" or high performance minecraft servers"

    Not really important, and might be too much of a hustle. But just wanted to put it out there.
  15. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Not enough time and we also sort of weeded this out in the earlier vote thread.

    Don't really need a third step, especially since I'm happy to stick with the existing one.
  16. Spigot - servers made easy
    Just another one xD
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  17. When you add that "Server/Servers" I think of machines. But where does the server actually come into Spigot? Spigot is a component, not a server... well I guess more technically, its a Minecraft Server Component.... but anyways... if you got something good... hehe... "Flow With It!" :D
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  18. Tux


    Again, I vote for "High Performance Minecraft" as Spigot is more than a server software.
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  19. There is one that sounds the best and one that makes the most sense. High Performance Minecraft sounds and looks beautiful but at the same time High Performance Minecraft Servers really tells you what it's about.
  20. Cldfire

    Cldfire Retired Moderator

    "High Performance Minecraft Servers"

    I still feel like it's an advertisement for a hosting company. I really do.

    "High Performance Minecraft"

    Sounds like a client/mod like optifine.

    "High Performance Minecraft Server"

    Probably the best of the three, doesn't sound AS related to hosting...
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