Spigot Slots+ 1.7

With this plugin you can allow access to the server with the appropriate permissions

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    ♦ What Is Slots+?

    ♥ It is a plugin that allows users to login to the server with different permissions. ideal for vips


    •Slots.Join - Join to the server when this full
    •Slots.Whitelist - Join to the server when white-listed
    •Slots.Ban - Join to the server while you are banned
    •Slots.Other - Other Reasons

    ♦ Permissions Plugin
    GroupManager •
    • Bpermissions •
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  2. This is an awesome plugin! Thanks for making it!
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  3. thanks
  4. Add another opportunity to create a spectacular entrance. For example - particles appear when a player comes to the server,
  5. Change your picture YOUR NEED to DEPENDENCIES. Makes better sense. Might be using this soon, though my server is currently small and doesn't have nearly enough players to fill it up =/
  6. good idea I will try do in the next update
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  7. whats slots.vip do?
  8. Thank you for reminding me, I forgot to put it
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  10. Please support zPermissions, that would help a lot. (Or just support Vault, then everyone would be happy)
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  12. Celebrimbor


    What is the point of Slots.Whitelist? Is it needed in combination with Slots.FullJoin when it's a whitelist server?

    Will players who are already on the WL still need this perm to join when the server is full?

  13. Slots.Whitelist - Players may enter that are not in the whitelist

    Slots.FullJoin - Players may enter when the server is completely full and there are no slots available

    Slots.Whitelist And Slots.FullJoin combined - the server has activated wl and has slots available
  14. Celebrimbor


    Ok, so if I have a monitored whitelist, I have no need for Slots.Whitelist permission. Players already on the WL will not need the WL perm, even if the server is full.

    I guess the Slots.Whitelist seems pointless to me. The whitelist is meant to only allow access to those you accept. Any owner can just turn WL off. Am I missing the point of Slots.Whitelist?