Slow loading times (help plz)

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  1. Hello everyone! I have a small issues.When players are loading into my lobby they join then it's just the sky for about 1-2 sec then everything loads in and you can move around for about 3-4sec but can't use anything, then you get teleported back to spawn and everything is fine. And more so with my Factions server, in that you load in and can see everything but u cant move or use anything for a solid 5-6 sec. Im am a solid 8 ft away from the server and it has 2 Xeon x5690's 120gb RAM (21 for factions) and 2 SAS 10k HDDs in RAID 0. Any ideas? I have 33 plugins on the Lobby server and 43 on Factions.
  2. Ran timings, checked memory and disk usage?
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  3. could be ping issues?
  4. My ping is usually 1-5ms, the server usually doesn't go above 10-11gb of ram being used, and the disk is usually never above 10-15%
  5. check timings
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  6. what timings? Like RAM timings or?
  7. Use "/timings". Let it run for around 5~10 minutes at least. When it's done, share the results.
  8. ok thats the results from the factions server

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  9. Hello,

    Okey so, first, you're having a strange configuration for your server hardware. But, btw, not the main problem. Your timings show a high Entities ticking, but we don't have enough informations about that.

    I would recommend you to use PaperSpigot, to get better timings. You can download it here:

    Then, you should not allocate so much ram to a server. For a factions server, i would recommend you to allow 12GB MAX (Xmx) and set the Xms to 4G. To let you understand why, Xmx would be the max memory you want for your server. Xms is the minimal allocated memory, if you set Xms = Xmx, the garbage collector will only run once everytime you reach the Xmx, and if it's set too high, it will do a lag spike.

    By reading your timings, it seems you're on 1.15.1, I recommend you to use these plugins: (most important) (pillagers lags should be fixed in 1.15.1, but it still help) (villagers lags should be fixed in 1.14.4, but it still help)

    If you're still having lags spike when someone connect, please send us the timings. (not a screen, but the link)

    Best regards,
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  10. check your plugins, they could likely be the cause, I had the problem like this for months, removed Auto-In and problem solved, the plugin is long dead now, but you may be using a plugin which causes a similar ping lag
  11. According to his timings it’s mostly entity lag. nerfing spawned mobs once he switches to paper might do the trick too.

    Would a mob stacker plugin help or prove laggier?
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  12. This doesn't explain the lag spike :/ But on 1.14+, there's a big problem with entity tracking who is randomly lagging servers., that's why i suggest these plugins to help about that.

    Paper timings will really help more to understand what is going wrong on him server.
  13. Ok so i installed the entity tracker fixer plugin and i did timings thing again, except this time after i started i left and joined again then kept playing while it was going. here is the link:

    Here is a vid of what happens when i join the lobby then factions:
  14. very interesting...
    1. what server software you use? craftbukkit, spigot, paper, etc?
    2. your permissions plugin?
    3. make sure you've allocated enough memory to bungee to suit your proxy plugins and player count
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  15. 1. Spigot
    2. Luckperms
    3. Bungee has about 6.5gb of ram, only uses like 2
  16. Reduce the bungee ram at 3GB, 2GB would be enough. (Xms would be something like 256M, Xmx 2G)

    By giving too much ram to your bungee, the garbage collector can cause a big lag spike.

    Change your server soft to Paperspigot, it will give you better timings.
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  17. i would rather not change to paper lol even tho ik its better
  18. For what reason? The 1.15.1 version is already fcked up, Paper have a lot of optimizations, like async chunk load and a lot of others.

    And an other point regarding paper, on spigot we can't see what is really causing the lags when someone join. Paper have something on their timings to see the lags spikes.
  19. Ok so i put on paper and ran timings for about 6 minutes. after i started i left and join then just flew in 1 directions (generating new land) for like 2 min then just walked around rest of time. Here is the report: Im not gonna stay with paper tho because all my player data gets reset
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  20. I'm no expert in timings, but I'll put my two cents in:

    Looks like pig entity ticking is causing quite a nice amount of the total full server tick, take a look into pig spawners or something, they might be the cause.

    I can't recommend Paper more. And holy fuck, its timings are next level. I'd rather my players data get reset than them having to deal with horrible lag and leaving the server dead because of it. I can't think of any other reason to not switch to it.

    I'm not sure how the player data got reset when you switched? I would think they are the same files, did you delete something by accident?
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