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  1. Hello guys,

    I have a spigot server (git-Spigot-e4d4710-e1ebe52 (MC: 1.8.8)) on my VPS:
    I started it normally but I have the problem that it takes up to 10 seconds to get a ping response and the same between "Logging in..." and "Connect to server...".
    It occurs on several server at different hosting companies.
    When I connect through a SSH tunnel, it responds very quickly.

    Do you have an idea for this problem?
    I found some threads but they are old and haven't got a solution :(

    ~ CreepPlays
  2. Turn off your router. Wait 10 seconds and turn it on.

    Also, if that doesn't work, turn off your computer and turn it on.
  3. It's not depending on my router or something. I checked it on different networks and computers.
    A friend of me has the same problem and that does not help.
  4. Maybe a plugin issue, can I have your plugins list please ? And a timings btw
  5. Have you tried connecting with a subdomain/domain rather than an IP directly if that's what you're currently doing?
  6. JamesJ


    Sounds like a plugin is performing heavy tasks on login, or you've got terrible drives which take forever to load the chunks.
  7. Is it your DDOS protection?
  8. @cuddylier When I use a domain, it doesn't slow down, thank you. But why?
    The server stands in an OVH data centre so there is a DDOS protection, is it?
  9. Not too sure why this stops the issue, I discovered it previously after experiencing the same issue. Seems to be a Vanilla bug as the same thing happened on Vanilla so not Spigot specific. Not sure if 1.10 fixes this issue or not.