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  1. Sorry for the stupid title, have no idea what to name this.

    Okay, so if you're not familiar with Mineplex's Carl the Creeper, it essentially has a ticket system which is like a lottery. You "spin" and it starts flickering through really fast and slows down until a final reward is reached.

    Random video I found on it:

    How do I go about writing this? Say I have a GUI, how would I use (I assume) runnables to start fast and slow down the course efficiently?

    Many thanks
  2. RepeatingTask. First set the time in 1 tick than increase it to slow down.
  3. I am not a bad guy but why you want to copy exactly how it looks? i mean why don't you make your own weird GUI crates system, it would look better in your thoughts and you will feel better if you make something that will be different and not copied.
  4. I'm not - maybe I should have explained. I'm using the broad concept, nothing remotely similar to their GUI.
  5. You cannot modify a repeating runnables delay time though, can you?
  6. AFAIK you can using a variable.
  7. You could create more delayed timers but i am not sure if this should be good.
  8. Start with an int, then subtract from it in the runnable, and then set it to be the number of ticks.