Small Minigame Poll - Dodgeball

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Which option do you prefer? (See text)

  1. Option 1

  2. Option 2

  1. Hi!

    I am developing a Minigame Plugin (as the title already said) and i have small problem...

    I don't know the Minigame should be integrated later on a Server.
    First option:
    The Plugin is installed on a Server and the Server is just used for playing Dodgeball, like all huge Server Networks organize their Server. In this way their would be some great features i could build in.

    Second option:
    A Plugin that runs besides to other plugins on a Server and is a separated Minigame. This would be nice for smaller Server but i can't realize some of Features I, personally, would like to develop.

    So now here is the Question:

    Which option do you prefer?

    Or maybe give some suggestion how i can solve this Problem :)

    Thank you!