Small Minigames Ideas?

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  1. I am currently developing a minigames server, I got pretty good infrastructure for the server and pretty solid core to build minigames with.
    Just for testing I've created 3 minigames ( works great! )
    but I need more. a heck of a lot more.
    I am looking for small minigames, fast ones. 1 ~ 3 minutes ( can be exceptions ), and fun ones. ( kind of like party games )

    Anyone got any good ideas?
  2. TNT run
    Paint splash
    Avoiding TNT falling from the sky
    A game where you have a stick with knock back 3 and try to be the last one on the map.
  3. 1. Good Idea
    2. Can you explain?
    3. So, "don't die hard 3"?
    4. "Sumo", already have it
    Thanks! :)
    anything more?
  4. One bump a day keeps my hate posts away.
  5. Ideas
    1: The lab kind of minigame (from the hive)
    2: tag (for in lobbys etc)
    3: hide and seek (across multiple bungee servers)
    4: tennis
    5: horce racing
  6. can you explain 1, 4 and 6?
  7. 1: try it for your self, quit the experiance
    4: Shulker or block on as that flies around and you can hit it (velocity chagne)
    6: Kinda like the tv series whipeout
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  8. never saw that seires
  9. Maybe GunGame with Rounds or FFA GunGame??