Spigot SmallAdditions | Crop harvest, villager drops, portable crafting and more!

Features you wish were already included in Minecraft.

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    SmallAdditions - Small additions to vanilla minecraft.

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    Minor bug fixes

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  3. One problem I have is that it doesn't remove the seed from the inventory when replanting. Other than that, its a great plugin!

    Would it be possible to add a feature to prevent crop trampling as well?
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  4. It takes a seed from the drops if available. If not, then it checks players inventory. And it would be possible to prevent crop trampling, might include it in the next update.

    Edit: I have already added the feature to prevent crop trampling. It works the same as others: give the player permission .notrample and he will not be able to trample any crops. I will add the feature in the next update.
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  5. I'm not sure if this is an actual issue or not, but I have another plugin that rewards players on BLOCK_BREAK event, but this plugin doesn't register as BLOCK_BREAK before auto-planting.
  6. I will look into this and keep you updated as I post a fix.
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  7. For the "WorkBench" feature of this plugin... If someone that has perms for /pwb and then uses it on a crafting table, then gives said crafting table to someone else, can they now open it by right-clicking the air, even if they don't have perms for /pwb?
  8. No, since there is also a permission check on the event. If that player/group doesn't have the smalladd.workbench permission, that player/group cant open it. It will place down as a normal crafting table.
  9. Perfect, I might use it! And if I do, i'll be sure to leave a honest review!

    Will there be more features added to this?

    Do you got a discord for support and stuff?
  10. I just started this project so I do not yet have a discord. If you find any bugs, you can just open up an issue on my github.

    As for future updates, I'll try to add any good suggestion. For that you can also open up my github and open up an issue (feature request).
  11. Sounds good! :) Will do! :)