Spigot SmallPets beta-6.2.5

Pets with abilites [1.12 - 1.17]

  1. Hi, interesting concept. Can you please describe more about how they work? For example, can you take them with you, do they follow? Can you take them across worlds? Can they be killed and what happens when they die? Can you "egg" them with ultimate catcher or other mob catching plugins? Can you change owners?
  2. I have now added some more informations in the wiki.
  3. So far I like them, I think the plugin has great potential! What are some of the ideas for updates that you have for the future? It would be great if the player could name it, and if there was a ' in the player's name like Empathyheals' (or I suppose it would be Empathyheals's if it's too complicated to drop the second s on player names that end in S).
  4. At the end of the spigot page there is a list of things that will defnitly be added in the future. Offcourse I am also thinking about other things, but I don't write them there because I don't want to announce something that doesn't come out. Good idea with the petnames, I will think about it and yes, I can drop the second s if the playername ends in s.
  5. I think the pets bugged and armorstands stay when server restarts, i mean, not proccess killed, just on restart. It should despawn the active pets. Please check c:
  6. [​IMG]
    There it is, it happens when the server restarts or stop/start (not crash, not kill process, just restart)
  7. I will look at it
  8. Hi, pets are leveling really, REALLY fast with mob farms, and I was wondering if that's intentional... I want them to level really slowly, what should I do? Increase the xpMultiplier? I already have it to 50 but someone already leveled a pet to level 70 in under an hour at the mob grinder. I don't want players to only spend time at the mob farms to level their pets though. Any suggestions?

    Also, what does the xpMultiplier do actually? And /smallpets reload doesn't seem to do anything, either that or xpMultiplier doesn't do anything.
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  9. Pets are currently getting exp when the player is getting exp. With a multiplier of 50 the exp which the player gets are multiplied by 50 and given to the pet. I will add something that the player can't get exp in some worlds and with worldguard in some regions.
  10. This bug is fixed with the newest version you just have to download it.
    But sadly you will have to remove the pets which already spawned like that from hand with the /kill command. I'm really sorry
  11. I recommend using the plugin with ProtocolLib so that this bug definitely doesn't happen again.
  12. What's the command to get rid of the multiple Mr_BadGamess tiger in the sky?

  13. And I do have ProtocolLib installed, it's just that I think I will wait to reinstall it until there is a way for them to level slower, especially at mob farms.
  14. I understand that, the reason why it didn't use ProtocolLib is because you don't use the newest version which just released some hours ago. I also added there that the name like MrBadGames doesn't get a second s
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  15. Yes I realize my outdated version didn't use ProtocolLib, what I meant was I will wait to install the new version after there is a way to level them slower. Maybe make a -xpModifier (where they get minus the exp or minus the exp IF the player gets more than a certain number of exp at once)?