Spigot SmallPets beta-6.2.5

Pets with abilites [1.12 - 1.17]

  1. Could you please add some vanilla pets for this plugin?
    Just both head pets and mob pets will be good,and players can have more choise about pets.
    and plz add an opinion in config:

    # enable vanilla pets?
    enable-vanilla-pets: true
    # enable head pets?
    enable-head-pets: true

    More head pets suggestions :
    - Dash attack. Every level provides increase 0.1% of speed,maxium 10%
    - If get hurt,will increase 5% speed in few seconds(Unlock for Lv.10 or higher)
    - Critical damage will make enemy have a bleed effect(With particle effect,lose health every second,and not affected by armor)
    - Need water(Bottle or bucket of water are ok,but give a bucket of water will recover its health by 10) every 100 seconds.
    If pufferfish doesn't get any water,it will lost health(similar to player drowning) until dead.
    - Can cause range damage.Every level increase damage by 0.5.
    - If pufferfish died,poisoning a range of the enemy.
    - Very fast and will help player to collect items.Every level increase 1 of slot.Max is 18 slots.
    - Long range attack, and has a chance to make the enemy get random negative effects
    - Will be faster between trees and leaves.(And increase damage,too)
  2. Sorry, but I won't add normal mobs as pets because there already are many plugins for that.
    For the three pet ideas: I have wrote them down and will add them sometime.
  3. Except Mypet,almost NO plugin made vanilla pets in 1.12.2 spigot servers.
  4. plz add plugin player use limit permission´╝înot for all
  5. Hello, Can you add the features custom pet?
    (Pet not show for player use Lady Mod)
  6. suport mmoitems stats like damage, crit chance, crit damage, ... plz just sp mmoitems stats
  7. I haven't bought the plugin, so I can't make it. Sorry
  8. i can give u
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  9. SmallCode updated SmallPets with a new update entry:

    Added new languages, new commands and a new permission

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  10. Hi there!
    Will this ever be able to support Minecraft version 1.8?
  11. I could support 1.8, but right now I have got enough to do with just 1.12 - 1.16.
    So if there isn't a really big interest in 1.8 it won't be coming soon.
  12. Alright, thanks for your answer!
    Completely understandable - if you ever get to have too much freetime, I know of someone who'd be happy to use this for a 1.8 server :)
    But thanks for the plugin anyway, it's great!
  13. Do you have the permission to synthesize? I want to turn pet into a paid one.
  14. Could you explain?
  15. Can you add support for legacy versions?