Spigot SmartGiants 2.3.9

Give Giants a brain! Optional natural spawning, optionally hostile, custom drops.

  1. jjm_223 submitted a new resource:

    SmartGiants - Makes giants a little more fun.

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  2. I like this
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  3. Glad you like it =)
  4. jjm_223 updated SmartGiants with a new update entry:

    Natural Spawning!

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  5. Will they not just follow players, but attack them too?

    This is nice since Mojang removed their AI in 1.8.
  6. They are not hostile towards any entity, including players. It just gives them a bit more personality ;)
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  7. Could you add an option to make them hostile? This would be really handy
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  8. Ah yes! I have been working on this. Currently there are a few issues, one of the major ones being that Giants are able to hit from really far away, so they aren't killable in survival. I am currently attempting a work around, though. We'll see how it goes =)
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    Updated spawning, hostile giants (extreme beta), and improved loading!

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  10. Nice Plugin , Can be used to have fun with Friends
  11. Glad you like it =)
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  12. thanks for this, been using bloodmoon and the giants just stand there - this will finish it off nicely.
  13. The hostile thing is still in its infancy, so keep that in mind. They don't yet know how to jump ;)
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  14. Yeah No Jumping Would Make Them An Easy Target
  15. Indeed it would. I'm working on it though. :)

    Though their size makes them an easy target, too. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that.
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