Spigot SmartGiants 2.3.9

Give Giants a brain! Optional natural spawning, optionally hostile, custom drops.

  1. At the moment I'm rather inundated with tasks from the server I run as well as other work that I have to do. I don't know if I could properly collaborate on something like this with the little time I have, but I might be able to make the occasional contribution if I have time.

    Based on comments he's made elsewhere, I get the impression that he's been working on updating it recently so I'm not sure my help is needed.
  2. maybe i can spped up to contact Mammothskier on bukkit forum, because he seems did not have time to update his plugin
  3. Because i would like to see your hard-work mix with Mammothskier's hard-work =]
  4. Found another bug, even with arrow damage set to false, giants can take dmg/full effects of the bow if and only if the user is using tipped arrows. This bug has actually and coincidentally became a 'feature/balancing adjustment' to the eyes of my players (because regular arrows are rendered useless but not tipped arrows) and I'd like to present the idea of having tipped arrows having a toggle along side with regular arrows. Also keep up the good work, my players still love this plugin :3
  5. It's totally not a bug; it's a feature! :p

    Seriously though, thanks for the bug report. I'll add a toggle for tipped arrows as well as soon as I get the chance.
  6. The Giant One Hit my players when i set the config it won't change,
    1.10.2 Server
    # This plugin and its config are not reloadable.
    # Note: This whole plugin is in somewhat of a beta. Use at your own risk.
    # Config explanation available here: https://goo.gl/U05dz4

    isHostile: true
    attackDamage: 0.1
    maxHealth: 10.0
    giantsTakeArrowDamage: true
    naturalSpawns: true
    frequency: 5
    minGroupAmount: 1
    maxGroupAmount: 2
    daylight: false
    - Spawn
  7. Giants that were spawned prior to changing the config value won't be updated. Could this be the problem you're having?
  8. So you added a config option for hostile giants? That's cool. Do you know if you can set the textures for giants in a custom resource pack, or do they use default zombie textures, or...?
  9. They use zombie textures by deafult and not sure if you can change that.
    Also about the damage, I have it set to 60dmg but it goes up to 90dmg. I got a dmg indicator to test this out, it's actually +30 additional dmg added. I'm guessing because my server is set to hard mode, the Giants have their default attack dmg (30dmg I think) + this plugin (I set it to 60) to equal the total attack dmg (this case a solid 90)
    I can show how this is a thing but not home as of now soo yeahh... >_>
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  10. I'm afraid @TransparentFate is correct. Giants just use the zombie texture and that cannot be changed server-side.
    I'll have to test this, because as far as I know this shouldn't be how it works. Just for clarity, what version of Minecraft is your server running?
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  11. I see what you mean now. I'll see what I can do =)
  12. jjm_223 updated SmartGiants with a new update entry:


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  13. Might I suggest a configurable setting the the giants' speed?
  14. jjm_223 updated SmartGiants with a new update entry:

    2.3.0 (1.11 Support)

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  15. Can there be an option to make this work with MythicMobs? I'm spawning armored, talking Giants using MythicMobs, but they are being replaced with silent, unarmored SmartGiants.
  16. I'm able to prevent this plugin from meddling with MythicMobs, but the result is still the mob being considered a Vanilla giant, meaning it won't have an AI. Additionally, because SmartGiants replaces the Vanilla giant within the internal mob list, packets of the Vanilla giant won't be able to be sent to clients (resulting in invisible giants).

    Testing this with only MythicMobs, I can see that the plugin doesn't include an AI for Giants. They just stand still whether or not my plugin is included.
  17. Thanks for the testing. I ran into the invisible Giant issue, but I believe it fixed itself with some version upgrades to MythicMobs and SmartGiants. I know I can set the Giant's armor and drops directly in the SmartGiants plugin instead of MythicMobs, but what I'm trying to accomplish is some of the skills such as having the Giant 'speak' text when encountered, for instance.

    But it sounds like once MythicMobs spawns the Giant, it's replaced with a SmartGiant, and at that time it's decoupled from the MythicMobs plugin, right? That would explain what I saw on my server. I just figured I'd ask to see what linkage--if any--was possible between the two plugins.

    BTW, when I upgraded to 1.11 on my server, your plugin was one of the ones I was most hoping would keep working! I love it!
  18. Can you please make another edition of this plugin with Dragons aswell?
    Naturally spawning dragons in the normal world with configurable loots.

    Just like this plugin!<3
  19. rare speed giant -.-

    not like this -.-

    solution please
  20. Is this ok with 1.11.1 and thanks!!!!!