Spigot SmartGiants 2.3.9

Give Giants a brain! Optional natural spawning, optionally hostile, custom drops.

  1. Oohhhh I agree.. if you could do dragons.... wow!!!
  2. I'm afraid there really isn't a clean way to work with MythicMobs on my end. I can't change what the original spawned entity is when spawned with Bukkit, and trying to forcibly change MythicMobs at runtime using reflection could lead to other issues and doesn't seem all that respectful towards the creator =\
    I'm afraid that's not quite what I had in mind when making this plugin. I appreciate the suggestion, but perhaps someone else would be interested in creating that plugin!
    I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean! I know a little Spanish so if it's easier for you to discuss it with me that way, I can try to understand.
    It should support 1.11.1 as nothing dramatic was changed that would affect this plugin. Report bugs if you find them :)
  3. Does this work on 1.7.10?
  4. I'm afraid not. Currently the only (lawfully) obtainable versions of CraftBukkit are 1.8 through 1.11.2 =\
  5. Aw well do you think it will be possible in the future? I would really love to use this plugin on my server.
  6. Would it be possible to add more attacks to the Giant?
    Right now they're easy to out-smart and being 'stepped on' being the only form of attack makes them easy targets. Even if you jack their HP up really high.

    Here's some ideas I had:
    • Minions: Spawn several Zombies when targeting a player
      • Allow configuration for a Maximum amount of Zombies to be spawned
        • 0 would disable this?
      • Allow configuration for a Maximum health these Zombies have
    • Boulder: Shoots a Fireball or something at the player
      • Configurable damage setting?
      • Configurable fire rate?
        • 0 rate would disable this?
    • Throw: Throws the player (away from the Giant); only makes sense that something this large could just up and throw you. Haha!
      • Configurable chance this could occur?
        • This could disable entirely with a 0 setting?
    • Poison/Wither:
      • Some sort of Damage over Time effect would be great, sort of like a wound if you got Stomped on.
    I think making the Giants more capable would make them more fun and rewarding to kill off, rather than just hiding underneath something and punching it to death.
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  7. Is this project open source? I would like to get my hands under the hood and make some adjustments for my server. ^_^
  8. Unfortunately I don't see it becoming possible anytime soon =\
    I like these ideas. I don't know how long it'll take to implement, but I'll see what I can do. I already have quite a bit of other work queued up.
    I'm afraid this project isn't open source at the moment. I might open it up in the future, though.
  9. Okie dokie. I'll just exercise my rights under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 for fair use and decompile the plugin and edit for personal use. Thanks anyway. o/
  10. Hello, i have encountered a problem. The giants won't spawn in the game automatically. I am using up to date craftbukkit as of 1/21/17. ty in advance.
  11. They will only spawn naturally when a chunk generates. Makes it useless on a pregenerated world. This is one of the things I've fixed in my local copy.
  12. Actually you can turn on their spawning in the config. My Worlds have been around for a while, and Giants spawn just fine in every chunk.
    I have mine spawning at night, which means they can spawn under any condition a 'normal' monster would spawn.
  13. What server version are you running? Because on 1.11 and 1.11.2 giants will not naturally spawn unless the chunk is generating. I have the config options turned on that you speak of.
  14. I am running a 1.11.2 spigot server. o_O
  15. I'll look into this issue sometime this week. Thanks for reporting it :)
  16. While working on this issue, I found another issue with saving giants in 1.11.x. I've isolated the causes of these issues and finished the fix for natural spawning, however I still need to iron out some problems with my saving fix as it doesn't work on a server reload.

    I'll have the update fixing both of these issues ready early this week.
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  18. New problem arises with latest update which is an incompatibility in this case, it makes all the Citizens NPC visually disappear and can still hear them but cannot interact with them. This does not effect Player NPC's, only mob types (sheep, villager, etc).
    Last version didn't have an issue with this plugin /ouo/
  19. Ah... sorry about that. New fix on the way!
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