Spigot SmartGolems 1.0-1.8.3

Makes golems smart enough to attack players and mobs!

  1. DonyorM submitted a new resource:

    SmartGolems - Makes golems smart enough to attack players and mobs!

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  2. This is really cool. Could you add other mobs to customize their AI and how they behave?
  3. I could, and I'm thinking about creating an API to allow any mob to easily tie in with Towny and Factions.

    If I do add more mobs, it will probably be a separate plugin. Just for simplicity.
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  4. Please do! <3
  5. What mobs do you want? How would you like them spawned?
  6. As far as spawning goes, I would like to be able to control which mobs spawn as being aggressive. For example, I would like all Zombie Pigmen to spawn as aggressive. Same with wolves.

    I'm actually working on an RPG server right now. The players will be able to choose a race and class. I would like to be able to control NPC aggro so certain mobs attack only players of specific race or class. For example, Zombies and Skeletons will ignore the Undead race, Golems will ignore Dwarfs, and Zombie pigmen will ignore the Fire race. Just to name a few.

    The mobs I would like to see most are Zombies and Skeletons followed by Wolves, Guardians, Pigmen, Ghast, and Blazes.
  7. Hmm, this sounds like a completely different project, and a big one. I would consider doing it, but we'll need to talk about what you want. Why don't you send me a PM detailing what you have so far.
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  8. @DonyorM this plugin is really what i was searching for!
    Really i couldn't find any other plugin.. and google didn't help me haha :)
    i was searching for "Make Iron Golems attack Players" or something like this and SmartGolems wouldn't show up..
    i found it really casually searching for another thing.

    HOWEVER, my server, and a lot of others, are running on 1.8.8 and this plugin does not work on that version.. doesn't even generate a folder, and when i write /irongolems addfriend or any other commands it just repeats the help page :)
    please fix it! It is a really great add on for a semi vanilla survival server!
  9. @DonyorM What happened to the source? It was just up a month and a half ago...
  10. Hey there cool plugin! Is there any chance of updating it to 1.12.2?