Bukkit SmartInvs - Advanced Inventory API 1.1.3

Advanced Inventory API for your Minecraft Bukkit plugins.

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    SmartInvs - Advanced Inventory API - Advanced Inventory API for your Minecraft Bukkit plugins.

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  2. Can you remove javafx.util.pair?
    And can you add an example code in the page?
    #4 Gabo963, Sep 6, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  3. Why do you want me to remove this?
    And there are examples on the docs: https://minuskube.gitbooks.io/smartinvs/
  4. I know how to use your api(is incredible, nice work!), but where can I found javafx.util.pair?, I never seen this import
  5. JavaFX is bundled with the JDK 8
  6. I arleady have JDK 8 but i haven't this import o-o
  7. I guess you use Eclipse, then check on Google how resolve JavaFX classes with Eclipse :p
  8. Yes, I use eclipse xD
  9. Resolved, eclipse need this to work with javafx import xD, thanks so much!
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  10. Was just looking over the gitbook, and I see you have a closeable tag. But last time I checked you couldn't cancel an inventory closing as its handled client sided?
  11. It just works by reopening the closed inventory :p
  12. Nice API! Good work! But is it possible to use it without having to put it in the plugins folder?
  13. (Sorry for the late answer, I didn't get any notification o_O)
    Thank you, no it's not really possible currently, but I'll try to make this possible for the next update ;)

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