Bukkit SmartInvs - Advanced Inventory API 1.2.6

Advanced Inventory API for your Minecraft Bukkit plugins.

  1. Hi!
    I'm trying to use your API to give the players a way to save items in a custom menu.


    I need chicken, apples and empty slots to be editable by players by dragging in and out new items
    Is there a way in the API to do this?
  2. I think it is possible to achieve this by adding listeners to your SmartInventory Builder which would listen to the events InventoryClickEvent and InventoryDragEvent.
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  3. Do you know how to change the 'closeable' to true, I had set it to false but when a player press on the green or red wool block I want to set the closeable boolean to true to close the inventory from the player.
  4. When will the version 1.2.5 added to the maven repo?
  5. Hi, currently I'm unable to add them due to connection issues, I'll add them saturday, sorry for the wait
  6. UPDATE: I managed to add it today! It's available now :p
  7. Thank you

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