Spigot SmashHit - Async hit detection 1.0-RC4

Free async hit pre-processing for Bukkit

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    SmashHit - Async hit detection - Free async hit pre-processing for Bukkit

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  2. Thank you so much for this been waiting for a 1.11 update :)
  3. No
  4. Can you make it support 1.8?
  5. I will try to do that as soon as possible, I'm just very busy with school s it might be a few weeks
  6. Also a few issues.
    • if you have sword enchanted with Knockback 10, the mob or person dosen't take knockback. (all items)
    • If you have a sword enchanted with sharpness 100, the mob or person won't take the correct amount of damage. (all items)
  7. I have now updated it for 1.7.10-1.11.2, the other bugs will soon follow! Try using it and try to figure out as many bugs as possible!
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  8. Holy crap this got updated?
  9. I'm trying to ;) It's not mine but I'll do my best to work on it
  10. nice plugin, but problem is you can even hit Citizens npcs and damage animation appears, just hitting anything even if pvp is disabled in that place makes the animation appear, would be awesome if you fix it.
  11. yes haha, I'm still learning so it might be a while before all bugs get fixed!
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  12. For some reason on my server when i have smashhit installed no one can pvp?
  13. Anti-cheat may be the issue
  14. Yup NoCheatPlus doesn't work with this plugin for PvP
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  15. Hello, do these new updates provide fixes for worldguard and factions where basically non-pvp areas where not taken into consideration.