Spigot SmellyTunes MIDI Disc Player 1.3.2

Jukebox Playback for Custom Music Discs

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    SmellyTunes MIDI Disc Player - Jukebox Playback for Custom Music Discs

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  2. This looks like a great plugin, and although I have all the prerequisite plugins and files set up, there is a lot of "How-To" information missing. The music discs need to be registered as Item Scripts, but where? What do I name them? (Does it matter?) And how, in-game, do we actually get the music discs created by this plugin? For a non-programmer, even things as simple as the initial setup of the plugin, were not clear. Most people are looking for a .jar to install in their /plugins directory, while this is actually a pair of scripts which have to be created inside the Denizen/Scripts folder - but nowhere were there instructions to do this, or what to name the actual script(s). Through trial and error, I was able to do it - and Smellycraft with Smellytunes is definitely installed and working - but not completely.
    Long story short, I've gotten as far as getting every single thing set up, but I have no idea what to call the Item Scripts for the music discs, where to put said script(s) or how to obtain the music discs associated with the MIDI files in the /Denizen/midi/smellytunes directory, if that's even where they're supposed to go. More detailed instruction, please, because I can't wait to be able to use this plugin!! =D
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  3. Cant agree anymore. It looks like a wonderful plugin and Id love to be able to put a disc in the jukebox and start playing 'The Rains of Castemere' as I host my friends. It's just the plugin set up seems very vague and complicated. If there was a tutorial, even just a step by step guide, I'd guarantee this would be on my server in an instant.
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  4. I'm currently coding a GUI which will list every MIDI file in the folder, and allow clicks for removing / adding to a "media library."
    It'll let you grab a disc out of the menu, or with a command. The command can be used in your other plugins to generate discs.
    I'm sorry, but this will probably take another couple of weeks (just the way things are going right now.)

    Sincere thanks to both of you for your encouragement, and I do guarantee I will complete this upgrade.
    Cheers for now.
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