Spigot Smoking Pipes 1.6.0

Kick back in the Tavern with your dwarven pipe

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    Smoking Pipes - Kick back in the Tavern with your dwarven pipe

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  2. If you make vapes, you would be the coolest person ever.
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  3. This is hilarious! I want this!
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  4. Add effect weakness and custom effect in config plz And the config.yml
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    More tobacco

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  6. :) what?

    as you smoke the pipe it gets damaged like tools.. if you smoke fire weed it burns the wooden pipe quicker than the gold
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  7. Not bad, But if the 'Weed / Smoke' isn't in a stack then it will take all.

    eg: Have a type of smokable in singles in your inv, Then on right click with pipe it will take them all...

    Suggest you fix :) Mind if I fix but keep it for personal use?
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  8. I'll check it out thanks

    Yea no worries please do until I release fix
  9. Thanks pal, Appreciate it! Will get on it when I get time :)

    Also I'll review if you chuck out a fix :p
  10. update pls;(
  11. working on it.. having difficulty stopping it removing all the item stacks of the same type at present
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  12. Your last update seems to have disabled crafting?
  13. Hi Sorry drafting smoking pipes or crafting other items?

    cant seem to replicate this on my test server
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