Smooth frames in C# forms

Discussion in 'Programming' started by hamoodrex, Jan 12, 2020.

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  1. I challenged my self to make a simple graphics engine that converts 3d points to 2d and displays 3d objects according to a camera's position. So far I've done everything correctly but I need help in displaying frames.
    I'm currently using panels to view my drawing and it shows in 2 ways. The first is lines or graphics stack up on each other or the other I can clear the panel each time a frame runs but that results in occasional white flickering. Is there a way to replace existing graphics without clearing anything?

    I'm trying not to use an external library or any other classes. Just basic C#
  2. Given that this is a spigot centric website that focuses on Java, you may be better off using the offtopic category or finding a website that has users who are more focused on C# and non-spigot programs.
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