Smooth island edges in terrain generation

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  1. I'll be bombing the forums with world generation related questions for some time now.

    So, I have a floating island generator - which, of course, generates floating islands - but what doesn't really please me are the edges of the islands. I'd like them to be smooth and 'natural'.

    Right now, I'm using the following to smoothen the edges a bit: (the 'sub' part)
    Code (Java):
    final float bottom = noise_2.noise(realX, realZ, 1.4F, 0.81F) * 32 + 100;
    float top = noise.noise(realX, realZ, 0.2F, 0.1F) * 8 + 90;
    final float sub = top - bottom;
    if (sub < 20) {
        top -= (15 - sub) * 0.225F;
    .. but this sometimes messes with not just the edges, but when the bottom is too close to the top, meaning there'll be some pretty rough-looking terrain every here and there:
    Which of course is not wanted.

    I played around with the values (20, 15, 0.245 et cetera) but didn't quite find this would be the best way to achieve what I want. Is there a better way to do this?

    The full source can be found here if you need to see the rest.


    EDIT: Replaced the image with a better one