Spigot SmoothSleep 2.11.1

Smoother, multiplayer friendly sleeping.

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    CarbonSleep - Smoother, multiplayer friendly sleeping.

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  2. Working in 1.10?
  3. Why don't you use p#hasPermission(String) ?
  4. No, I've used some NMS stuff that require 1.11. After some discussion, it's come to light that I can likely shed NMS dependency and make it a bit more version independent though if you stick around for another update. I somewhat rushed the plugin as I had other things to do.

    I will likely remove Vault's dependency since I only use it for that single perm and use the in-built perm checking shortly.
  5. But you do realize you don't need Vault for this at all right?
  6. Yep! It was a matter of having it linked to a library plugin that I used, and upon unlinking it, just copied what I needed for it to work, but haven't gone through and cleaned it up quite yet. Working on a few things to that end as we speak.

    It may be the case that I add some features that may interact with the economy or chat later and in which case I would be inclined to re-include Vault, but for now, I will remove it.
  7. @KittenC55 @ZYSEA @BlueCraft_
    Update is live now with most aforementioned changes included!

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    Clean up!

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  8. Thank you very much, excited to test this out!
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  9. 1.0.1 wasn't working properly (no titles and maybe a few other things) on my Spigot 1.11, so I tested 1.0.0 and it works perfectly. The title was probably messed up without the NMS.
  10. Definitely using Spigot? Not too sure else what would've gone wrong unless there's an error on the log to look at.
    I tested it against my Spigot 1.11 (but both versions worked against it).
    To be sure, perhaps the output of /version would help.
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    Pure API

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    Bug fixes

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  13. Fantastic resource!

    When you remove the [server] sent titles this will be a very clean and well-designed plugin.

    Right now my titles are kind of flickering as seen here.

    Is it because a fade in on your title is setup?
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  14. Well, to be honest, thought the flickering problem was fixed on the latest version, which I assume you have because the [server] messages are in response to the title times commands (which would set the fade in time to 0, the other times I believe to 20 ticks / 1 second).

    I did at least try to limit how often the command was sent (only when someone gets into bed), rather than every time a title was displayed (every tick).

    Removing the response message entirely would seem to involve a console filter that would just block that message from being printed at all, which doesn't seem the cleanest way to do it to me. Until Spigot adds a method to set a user's title times without just sending a server command, that's all I have to work with (to my knowledge).

    On the other hand, there's a possibility (albeit unlikely) that another plugin is changing it as well, assumedly also with command, which is more likely if you're seeing the [server] message more often than just when sleeping and might explain why my attempt to fix it didn't work.
  15. Got the same issue as the Nutiler.
    The flickering... But it's not that bad.

    I have a suggestion, to make a "buffer", so instead of a simple division, you can set a higher rate or "power" for the sleeping player.

    min-night-duration-seconds: 5.

    If I change the rate to 2.0, the time would drop by 1/2. Something like this.

    Also, give us an option to deactivate the filter, it's flickering, or maybe change it to tell the player via direct message how long the night cycle will take.

    For example:
    '/tell %player% 1 of 2 players are sleeping. The full cycle will take %time-left%'
    (i am not a dev so I don't know what im talking about, but you get the idea)
  16. I'm unsure how to fix the flickering currently. It's designed to change title fade in times to prevent flickering, but doesn't work.

    I'll think about the timing change, although I'm rather happy with it currently. Given my job and other projects, I'm not too likely to invest much time in many changes aside from fixes.
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  17. Just tested it today with another player, and I think the night is passing too fast. Something is wrong.
    I choose 300 seconds to be the minimun time.

    I slept alone, and here was more two players on the world. So, i choose 300 seconds, and the night passed in just about 90 seconds, and I was the only one sleeping (1/3). Looks like its dividing the value set for the night duration by the rate of players.

    300 seconds divided by 3 = 100
    1/3 of 300 = 100 seconds.
    Night duration was about 100 seconds.

  18. You're not using anything to alter the tick rate on your server? I've used the plugin on my server as well, don't recall anything quite like that happening.
  19. The rate is the original.
    How can I get the info for the debug? Like list of configurations and plugins etc?