Spigot SmoothTimber 1.21.0

Want to cut trees smooth and fast?

  1. YellowPhoenix18 submitted a new resource:

    RWG-TreeCutter - Do you want to cut Trees in World with RWG easily?

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  2. Maybe an config and if you sneak that only then the tree fell down
    And yea sorry I see there are permissions :3
  3. Yeah, will be added :)
  4. Hey!
    It's a very nice plugin!

    An idea: add an option to damage item used to cut the tree :)
  5. Okey, will be added to my todo-list
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  6. I would like to know how to add the permissions

    - Allow to cut all Trees
    rwgtreecutter.oak - Allow to cut oak Trees
    rwgtreecutter.spruce - Allow to cut spruce Trees
    rwgtreecutter.birch - Allow to cut birch Trees
    rwgtreecutter.jungle - Allow to cut jungle Trees)

    to my config.yml file. I have never configured any before and I would really like a guide/tutorial to help me with this. It's bassically so all the players can use the plugin not only the /op ones.

    Thank you and have a great day!
  7. Its the same like for every other permissions. More infos how to give players their permissions can be found at the page of your permissions system
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  8. I understand some questions can be very annoying and stupid. My problem is that I have never ever in my entire life configured the permissions and I know nothing.
    Do you know any easy to understand for completely noobs guide? I really appreciate.
  9. Use PermissionsEx and check out some YT-Tutorials, caused, that iam from germany I can only give you some good german Tutorials^^
  10. @YellowPhoenix18 This plugin have potencial and will be nice when you update it? tnx
  11. Yeah I will update it in near future
  12. And maybe you can add McMmo support too? that can be optional etc.
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  13. I will have a look
  14. Will this be updated to 1.13?
  15. yee
  16. could it make compatible with mcmmo's mechanics?
  17. We are not that good into mcmmo, what exactly is needed there?
  18. each tool has an ability with cooldown, when activated, for a few seconds this ability is active. The special ability of the ax, for a few seconds it is possible to knock down the whole tree by breaking only one block, just like this smoothtimber plugin. Your map generator generates trees that with the ax's special ability is not activated. I'm using google translator, I apologize if I get confused reading this.