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  1. Hey, we run samerton's nameless MC and we need a SMTP (Mail) server for it. Anyone know any that work for Ubuntu 14.04? A link to a tutorial would also be nice
  2. Use something like Mailgun, Setting up a SMTP Server is pain old hard.

    But you could install like VisualVM or something and have a cPanel server, and on that cPanel have a mail server. (Pm me if you do not know how)
  3. You literally can not host a functional SMTP server without being an authoritative ISP - the same way you can't just host your own IP's.

    Postfix or sendmail should hook into your current ISP's SMTP server by default and work with PHP's mail() function just fine.
  4. I recommend
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  5. I agree that it isn't easy to host an email server, however you are wrong. ISP's have nothing to do with emails; SMTP servers are just simple TCP servers. As for PHP functions, completely irrelevant.
  6. Go ahead and try hosting an actual SMTP server that isn't just proxying your ISP's c:
    Indeed you technically can, but it won't be able to send mails to real SMTP servers, the same way you can create your own IP subnet, but it won't be valid on the actual internet.
  7. That's the whole point of why Mail Exchange "Servers" exist. As long as your SMTP server can deal with MX servers, nothing should go wrong.
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  8. i`ve tried to install mailinabox on my vps and it was an pain in the ass with the FQDN on that machine because it changes all the time back to the original one or the mails were sended but they came not in my boxes
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  9. Forgot to reply earlier, I setup postfix & mailutils and set it up in php.ini, sends mail perfectly.
  10. Anyone can host their own mail servers. Although all the signs that say not to create one hold true for the inexperienced system's administrator. I have setup several fully functional mail servers (with failures along the way.) but I have several years of experience in systems administration. It is a matter of experience.
  11. You can indeed host your own mail server, but you cannot host your own "true" SMTP servers. You can host a proxy, but that's just adding a pointless middleman.
  12. I run a fully functional standalone mail server from my dorm room. It has no proxy software. I use Dyn's dynamic A and AAAA DNS records and fixed MX records to forward everything directly.
  13. Did you read my post? Yes, you can easily set up your own mail server. It's pretty straight forward. You can't host your own public SMTP servers.
    Hosting a mail server does NOT equal hosting an SMTP server.
  14. My SMTP server is public facing and communicates through whatever ether SMTP servers communicate by. Is that not a public SMTP?