Spigot Snowball Damage 1.1.2

Simple lightweight plugin that allows you to modify the damage snowballs and eggs deal.

  1. EpicBlue11 submitted a new resource:

    Snowball Damage - Simple lightweight plugin that allows you to modify the damage snowballs deal.

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  2. does this mean that snow golems will now be able to damage mobs?
  3. Yep, they definitely do more damage.
  4. Made a new display video on the main features of this plugin for version 1.1

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  5. good pugin
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  6. I'd like to suggest another selling point for your plugin. I have a game that we enjoy on my server at Christmas time. It involves knocking ppl off pillars with snowballs as they scramble to get loot. I was rather distraught to realize they had removed the knockback from snowballs as this ruined my game. I found your plugin and set snowball damage to 0.0001. It worked perfectly. My game is up and running again. We can knock each other around without doing any damage. So on your overview page you could add Restore snowball knockback mechanic or some such.

    P.S. I am running this on a paper 1.11 server and it's working perfectly.
  7. Good idea, thanks for the suggestion!
  8. JBS


    @EpicBlue11 , can you add an option to change the knockback of snowballs and eggs? I would appreciate.
  9. can you update to 1.12?
  10. Oh I do hope so. We so enjoy our snowball games. :D
  11. Yes, I’ll remember to update all my plugins that aren’t abandoned to 1.13
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  12. Is this work fine with 1.13.2?
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  13. It does work. Nice plugin man! Glad its still arround
    Are you still adding features /updating this? I'd like clayballs to do damage aswell, and maybe effects on impact /firing rate limiter?

    Thanks for considering them
  14. Sorry I'm not working on this project much anymore, plus I'm not 100% sure how to code a feature where someone could throw clay balls, I'm sure I could figure it out though probably has something to do with entities riding each other or something like that. Nevertheless, I don't think I will be adding anything else to this plugin unless a substantial amount of people request more features such as the one you requested.