Snowing in wrong biomes, weather is wrong

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  1. For some reason, its snowing in biomes where it should snow, like in deser and plain biomes, and its not snowing in biomes where snow should occur. Also villages sometimes spawn in the middle of the ocean, and structures in general spawn in wrong places

    Its been doing this for a while, but I want to try and fix it now
  2. Please check the actual biome within the debug screen.
    E.g. stand in middle of a raining area within a desert and check what biome it shows to you in your debug screen.
    Sounds like the terrain doesn't match to your biomes anymore.

    Maybe you world has been generated some time ago and anywhen meanwhile something has overwritten the biome data.
    Keep in mind, after generating the chunk at the first time there is no more direct relation between terrain and biome.

    Also check out, if it still occurs within NEWLY generated chunks.
    And if you want us to find a solution, we also need following basic informations:
    • What minecraft / bukkit / spigot version where you running exactly?
    • Where you using any kind of non-vanilla or modified world generators for any map on this server?
      Especially on this map?
      • If so, what world generator
    • What plugins where running on your Server
    • When have you realized this problem the first time?
      • What have you changed recently before this time?
  3. Do you still have the problem?
  4. I realized it only applied to old chunks in the world after some testing, my guess is chunks created before the 1.8 biome update. Newly generated chunks dont have this problem.

    So im not sure if anything can be done about the old chunks

    this is with the default world generator
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