Spigot Snowy 1.6

Snow everywhere on your server

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    Snowy - Snow everywhere on your server

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  2. I've seen 4 of these...
  3. Great plugin and i love that it spawns the particles in the player area and not just spawn, however the toggle commands don't work for some reason...
  4. Sorry I forgot to add the commands to the main page


    /snowy toggle | Toggles the snow for the player
    /snowy admin on | Turns all snow on | Permission: snowy.admin
    /snowy admin off | Turns all snow off | Permission: snowy.admin
  5. Yes, sorry i wasn't more clear but i know the commands as i did /snowy in-game, the problem i have is that none of the commands do anything for me.
  6. Yes, but most only do it around spawn area, I wanted to make one that did it everywhere, also some others don't work with 1.8
  7. Why?
  8. wait what
  9. Are you still able to download it?
  10. yes... just posting this resource is removed doesn't remove it...
  11. I didn't post that... that's the thing lol