So, how would get good staff?

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  1. I'm serious. Where and how?
  2. Have your players apply for positions. The important detail here is that you should only limit applicants to true players of your server. You want truly passionate staff, and looking directly at your existing playerbase is a good way to approach that. Experience and effectiveness isn't guaranteed, though. It's up to you to filter out the gems from the rest.
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  3. Make sure they are playing on your server before you give them the chance to become staff. People who join just to be staff probably wont make good moderators etc. as those who actually play and understand your server.
    Make sure your have a strong set of guidelines for your staff also. Make sure you are clear about what they can and cannot do.
    Don't give out power that is unneeded. Only give permissions to staff that they need.
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  4. Just remember that knowing the server is only part of the process, pick people that know and understand the community and the playerbase also.
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  5. Tao


    If you're talking about getting staff on Spigot, then just don't ask questions. It's better if you get it when you don't expect it because then there's proof that you're doing extreme good for this community and you don't expect things in return. (E.G; Staff) Try to be active, abide the rules and be sensical on the forums.

    If you mean YOU want good staff members, then I would start off with advertising your server. Try to employ staff before you start your server so you've got some players already having a high interest in becoming staff on that server. Try to make your server look professional and just, well, try try try.
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  6. Thanks everyone!
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  7. JamesJ


    I personally like the method of selecting users that show they're good to you, or users apply on your server's forums.
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  8. Ferx


    As users have mentioned, applications and simply being active with your players is a good place to start when looking for staff. I wrote a bit on my guide about choosing staff & some of the problems associated with it. If you want you can give it a read here. I would also recommend you check out the guide made by @jflory7 even if it's more towards managing your staff rather than hiring them.

    As with most things there's no simple formula to follow for success, but you'll get there. Apart from that getting staff is just like getting donators in the sense that you'll find some are more committed than others, you won't find them consistently and they'll all only find your server if you advertise it well :)

    Good luck!
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  9. pick well respected people from your community. Give them a handbook and they'll learn, eventually. They won't be the best at the start, that's for you to teach them. Get a strong bond with your staff and do things outside of your server. Im still in touch with a moderator from an old server I staffed 2+ years ago and I play games like aw and csgo with him.
  10. I believe that it's not necessary to force your players to apply. Just try to be an admin who knows his community and ask the well known and trustworthy members if they want to join your staff team.
  11. Tao


    Also, don't employ like Five Co-Owners and twenty Head-Admins. That's really bad if you do that. It won't seem organised.
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  12. cant agree more, I think noob owners forgot what a head admin actually is, and not just a title. 50 head admins, who's the actual head of them tho? Oh hey theres 8 coowners fighting over something!

    on previous servers i had in the past my head admin usually assigned things for any admin or mod to do, and past things on to the head mod and kept everything intact. He was more like an owner xD I just told him what to do, and i got done the actual server and behind the works stuff, and made sure the head admin was doing his job.
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  13. You shouldn't find staff on online places, as most of them make up things to gain your trust and gave a nice little title in-game. You should set up a strict application to allow your server players to fill out when needed. This application should be very precise, handled with care and looked over very strictly. Just a tip, come up with a tricky question to see their response. Or even a fake question, just to see if they are truthful.

    Things you should look for in an application are the following:

    - Age
    - Maturity
    - Honesty
    - Leadership skills
    - Advanced knowledge of servers and their understandings
    - Someone who knows your server's rules inside out
    - An active member, willing to give as much time needed to contribute to the server. Mostly without asking for anything in return

    Those are some of the things I look for in a future member. Do note, everyone has different ways of choosing. This may be useful to you, or it might not. It also depends on the type of server you are running.

    One big thing I tell myself is that a staff member can only earn his position. Not buy it, not ask for it and certainly not beg for it. If they ask, you know they aren't the one.

    On that note, I wish you happy hunting for your future candidates. :)
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  14. Elgorond


    Never get a co-co owner.

    I wouldn't have thought this exists, until coming across a very special server.
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  15. Tao


    Choose him.
  16. I personally find staff among frequent players. I have my my eye on 2 players currently, they play , they're good at cannoning (the whole point of the server), they also help new players who don't know what to do.

    This is great staff material. Find similar people on your server and promote them.
  17. Look for the players that basically already moderate. Even if they're only half good, you can teach them to be the best staff there is. And they will be moulded and matured through your server. Not some newb from PMC who has just joined the server, doesn't know shit and will leave in a couple days when he realises he isn't op.
  18. Haha, thank you for the compliment, kind sir. :)
  19. Setting up a Website where users can have the chance to apply will help. The frequent players will most likely apply, and hiring players with moderation experience and maturity is something I highly consider, Anyways happy hunting and good luck.
  20. One thing I forgot to mention: If you make an online application and you see players asking you how to submit one, they are most likely very young and can not manage to navigate freely on your forums. A quality staff would do their research, figure it out on his/her own. If they seek assistance on how to post an application or if they ask you questions such as "What does this section mean?", you know that their are not your suitable candidate.
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