So I bought myself a dedicated server, and now what?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by VayCanDios, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Hey..

    So, this might sound like a very stupid question, but last night I bought myself a dedicated server from kimsufi, the 16gb i7 one, for something I am doing...

    Long story short, I came to realise that I dont understand anything on the dashboard, I have no idea which os to install to run my Minecraft server, and how to make this work?

    I only know that you need putty to connect to the server.

    Either way, I would love if someone helped me out... ​
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    Why would you buy a dedicated server if you have no clue how to use Linux? You'll need to look for guides, nobody will spend hours teaching you how to run everything.
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  3. I actually would spend my afternoon teaching him since I really have nothing scheduled this week
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  4. Not too terribly difficult to learn.
  5. Cool, nice to know.
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  6. If you still need help, PM me!
  7. Not anymore, but Thankyou ever so much for asking. DragonNoid teached me everything. Thankyou!
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  8. No worries nice of @_DragonNoid_ to help :D I was the same when I first brought my server in 2014 :p
  9. Next time first do some research? :p
  10. Getting the machine in a state to run services on it is your first challenge.

    Start with a common distribution of Linux. Google Ubuntu (there are many distributions, but you can just pick one and this one is about as simple as they come).

    You'll be able to make a bootable medium for that OS. Either a USB stick or a CD. (In the old days when Slackware about all people used (early 90s) we used floppy disks or tftp. You won't have to worry about that now days.)

    Make (look into it) a USB bootable medium for Ubuntu.

    Install everything. No need to be picky yet. You can always tailor the system later.

    Once you have it installed far enough that you can login as root, then you can begin to poke around. In one hand should be a decent manual on navigating a Linux system. Strongly recommend the Linux in a Nutshell from O'Reilly.

    Get familiar with that while you start pinging your friends who actually know something about Linux and server (not Minecraft) administration.

    Order a pizza, invite them over and ask them to show you how to provision a Linux system.

    To get from where I think you are to where you need to be is going to require some practice, tutorial and gentle mentoring of someone sitting in the chair next to you. It's really hard to coach you from this point to the state of having Minecraft fully configured running etc.. via a Forum.
  11. ... from kimsufi
    how do you use a USB with that?
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  12. Not to detract from your point you can get a usb flash drive from ovh and put a bootable ubuntu install on it... but I get your point. Choose ubuntu 64 for your os.