So, I did it. Now some one help me with iptables.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by jeff142, May 26, 2013.

  1. jeff142


    I did it, is no longer offline mode, it was fun well it lasted but we massively out grew it.

    Now i need to set up ip tables on my boxs so no one gets in the back end ips.

    I found how to block ports, but how can i make a bridge for my other physical box to only let bungee on?

    Physical server 1 physical sever 2 ---------->bungee----------->

    (Ubuntu servers)
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  2. This should do the trick (for the backend server)

    Ensure you have iptables installed, set it's location (line 6) and you may need to adjust the save and restart commands on lines 30 & 31 depending on your environment.

    You may not need the loopback interface enabled (lines 18 & 19) and you may choose to remove the checks for TCP sessions starting with SYN on line 22.

    On line 26 you need to replace 22 with the port you use for SSH.

    On line 27 you need to replace the IP with the IP of your Bungee server.

    Finally, "chmod +x <script>" and "./<script>" or "bash <script>"

    I don't use this exact setup personally (use a bungee setup on the same physical machine), but it should work. It may be worth running it in a screen session as well - it may drop your ssh connection mid way through the script which would cause a headache.

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