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  1. Im about to start a server within this month, and I think I have a DECENT amount of money to get started. I have $600 in one of my bank accounts right now, and I’m looking for the best ways of advertisement. I know YouTubers are great and all but I feel like it’s not enough, plus I don’t really know where I would find them. If you have any suggestions on how I should use this $ wisely for advertisement please list some :)
  2. All you need to start a decent server is 50 dollars max. If you can't start a decent server with that amount of money than don't even try. I've seen many teenagers, spending 100+, some even 1000-2000 on a server but they all end up as a big failure cause they fail to realize that money is not what drives a server to its success.

    And 600 dollars is way to less to invest in a youtuber. All you'd be doing is wasting your money.
    If you've never ran a succesful server before, start small cause you'll regret spending that 600 dollars in stuff that doesn't even matter in the end. If you don't have experience, people tend to put their money in the wrong places when it comes to starting a server. People often don't realize how much time it actually takes to keep a server running.
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  3. oh I know definitely, I know you only need around $50 to host, but It's probably like 70$ for a dedicated server host + buycraft monthly, only thing I really need. I just have a decent amount of money that I think should be put into advertising. I already have a logo made, buycraft store design made, I've been home hosting the server for a few months and getting things ready to move onto a dedi, but yeah I don't really plan on spending $600 all in one YouTuber, I don't episode by episode, maybe from one but server trailers from 5k-25k is all I really need + I have all day in the world since I am home-schooled to run it
  4. What follows is my opinion only.

    The only way to have a "successful" Minecraft server is to offer something unique to potential players. It doesn't matter, at all, how much advertising you get, from YouTubers or Twitch streamers or whatever. If you only have standard plugins that every other server has, you won't retain players long enough for them to feel obligated to donate.

    Also note that many players want a large community to play with long-term. That means being able to host 100+ players at once, or multiple servers with different themes, and a lot more money going to monthly server hosting.

    I don't think it's really feasible to set up anything other than a "friends and family" server at present. There are too many good servers out there already.
  5. You need to have an email address to reach them under Youtube Videos. you can reach there
  6. Dont use it all, youre gonna regret it so much when your server is unlucky and does not become successful.
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