So I Just Rebooted My Server And....

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  1. Ok, so I rebooted and when people joined it INSTANTLY crashed. Keep in mind this is self hosted. So I was going through logs and saw a bunch of stuff, I kept looking and I saw nothing I could fix, I'm currently trying to fix it by removing some new plugins I got but whenever I restart and some joins server goes rip. This is the crash report.

    Update: Did a last resort risk, saved part of the server.

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  2. Do you have much worlds or plugins on the server?
  3. Only 1 world and around 50 plugins
  4. 50 plugins are much
  5. Delete some plugins or get more random access memory
  6. Hey,

    It appears that you are receiving a lot of errors to do with your world/chunks. Make a back-up of your worlds and delete them. Let new worlds generate and see if your issue keeps happening.
  7. Use pastebin for logs, use a tool to fix corrupt chunks.
  8. It's memory. Your chucks can't load because some other things are using it. StackOverflowError happens when a method calls itself too many times. Try to remove unnecessary plugins and/or disable stuff in configs