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Should I make this resource?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. So I was thinking about making a quick tutorial as a resource in the Spigot Plugin Development section on how to create a framework for a multi-arena minigame. I was wondering what other people thought of it and I'd love to get the communities input as to if it's a good idea or not.

    This resource would not be able to spoonfeed the little kiddies who don't actually know Java so don't worry about that, I was just wondering what people thought about me making a simple framework outline, why it works, and all the steps through it.

    Anyway yeah, please comment your ideas if you have any or your opinion on the matter.

    If you like the idea and know a good BBCode editor website for me to type up the page than please message me a link, it would be much easier than using Spigot's kinda tiny interface.
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  2. Sure. This would probably help some beginners.
  3. I feel like it would help more than beginners especially if it's a minigame framework outline, it could help a greater amount of the community and could probably inspire some APIs or maybe inspire some mini games to be created, or it could be a big spoon feeding mess which will result in a political debate in the comments which will force me to lock the thread. Who knows :)
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  4. I bet the people who vote no are these:
    Sp00unf3d pl3 m8
  5. Or people who have 5+ years working with Java and complain every time someone under them suggests to make a resource to show how to make something they took a year to learn.
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  6. Yes I fink its gut idea you can du dis. We are waiting for some mlg codding.
  7. idk about mlg code but I think I could do pretty well.
  8. XNH


    Sounds pretty cool, good luck with your project.
  9. This could definitely be useful to numerous people, I'd say go for it.
  10. Welp, enough people have given me the push. Tomorrow morning I'll write up a page that discusses the best way to make an outline for a FFA minigame, then I'll add Team V Team.