So much LAG!

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  1. Recently our server has been experiencing HUGE amounts of server lag. Our server was upgraded to FULL 1.8 on Saturday and the lag seems to get worse and worse. Almost to the point of the server crashing.

    Here is the console message(s):

    If you could please respond telling me what is happening, whether it being a plugin error, or a bug of some kind, it'll be greatly appreciated.
  2. CommandHelper, LimitedCreative and WGPlayerDamageFlags need to be updated.
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  4. It looks like there are quite a few plugin errors, you can confirm if it is plugins causing the lag by starting the server with an empty plugins folder. This can be done by renaming the current one to old_plugins then starting the server which will load a new empty one.

    If it is indeed plugins I recommend making sure each one is up to date for your current version.