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The plugin allowing for the best social experience inside a server!

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    Social Citizens - The plugin allowing for social media like experience inside your server!

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  2. Wow! Anti Social Networks are now in Minecraft!

    Here are my suggestions,
    /news (news)
  3. Great suggestion, this will be added in the next update!
  4. It could be Dark Blue and White like Facebook :p
    ----------- News! ----------
    Potato2165 is leaving forever! :(
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    Whats the news?

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  6. Minecraft's a game, not a social network. If people want a social network, they'll go to Facebook or Twitter.
  7. This is not turning minecraft into a social network, it is simply allowing users to receive a better communication platform other than the default chat found in the server. This allows for you to use many commands that spread the word about new info and other important data. Thank you for the feedback but if you were to use the plugin you would realize I'm taking a different spin at communicating inside a server other than making the next facebook!
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  8. Update version 0.3 released adding a few bug fixes and the news feature requested by @Victhetiger

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    For users finding issues with the /trade command I am aware of them! I will be releasing a update for bug fixes this weekend so do not worry. The issue HAS been fixed so don't worry, I'm not clueless on what to do, I just need to wait because I'd like to start releasing larger updates instead of smaller ones! I'd also like to spend more time testing the plugin before releasing it or obviously this event will happen again!

    Current issues you may experience until the next update:
    1. When a user clicks an item to trade it will send it to the user but if they close their inventory it will drop it on the ground
    2. Just other odd stuff
    To sum this all up, I have recreated the trading class inside my plugin because the old way I handled trades was just useless and not the most efficient or beneficial way of doing it. I apologize for those who are affected by this, again, a update will be released this Saturday fixing the issue! If you noticed any other issues/bugs please post them or message me them!
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    Bug Fixes

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  11. What is this? How is it in any way different to Essentials and such? And how is it a social experiment? You make these bold claims yet fail to support them with any evidence.
  12. This is not really a social experiment. It is simply taking user feedback to develop a better product. It is not like essentials because I try to provide a cleaner "feel" to everything, this plugin also offers many features Essentials never brought to the table and could be very useful for players instead of owners.
  13. I'm pretty sure Essentials has a private message function, even vanilla minecraft has it! And for the /shout command, you might as well speak normally in chat.
  14. Yes but essentials does not have a /news command with a fancy design or a /trade command allowing you to send your current items to another player.
  15. Because neither of them are actually useful.
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    Development Update

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  17. Ok man, first of all, i would like to say that you have a very insane, and super excited idea but:

    Dont go in something very complex!

    Im a french server administrator with a strong community (no trolls only friendly people) and your plugin can become a HUGE plus for us and lots of server administrator arround the world.

    > We would like to give you some ideas.

    First of all: MySQL Support is a MUST : link your "social" plugin with the websites; Ingame features is cool but a link between the web site and ingame experience is becoming a must.

    Maybe we can imagine this kind of features:
    My computing teacher always said to us 'dont reinvente the hot water"


    /poke playername - Bob sent you a poke. reply? type /poke back

    > /wall add "sentence of the day"! > MySql Storage (PHP Friendly : no serialization)
    > /wall playername, Display last 3 "sentence of the day" of the player

    >/like playername - Bob likes you. Reply? /poke like back

    Stats: number of people who likes you.


  18. Thank you for your suggestions, these features will defiantly be added in the next update. I can tell you know that the /like feature and /wall feature will be added in a GUI in the future update. I also like your idea of poke, I think this will be added in the next update as well!
  19. AWESOME man, and what about MYSQL Storage? :p