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  1. Hello there,

    I was lately thinking about a new reward/punishment system on a Minecraft-server. As the title says, it's about a social credit system (in the following shortly "SCS"). Some of you may already know this term from countries like China.

    The basic idea is, that you get points added when you do something good and points removed when you to the opposite. If you get many points added, you will receive a reward. If you get many points removed, you get punished.

    How could you implement this in Minecraft?
    Bad actions could be the following:
    • swearing
    • griefing
    • cheating
    • ...
    Good actions could look like this:
    • Helping other users
    • reporting bad users
    • being friendly
    • playing on the server at all
    • ...
    Possible rewards:
    • cosmetics
    • ranks (e.g. premium or so)
    • in-game money
    Possible punishments:
    • removal of said rewards
    • mutes
    • bans
    If you run a minigame server, you could improve your matchmaking by matching players with a similar score. CSGO for example already does this (Trust Factor).

    Why should one do this?
    First of all, I do think that the known punishment system with only mutes and bans is not as sensitive as it should be. If for example, a player says "fuck you" out of frustration, a mute would be too much and no mute at all also wouldn't be a nice fitting punishment. With an SCS, for example, people wouldn't want to lose their cosmetics, in which they invested some time or even money.
    On the other side, imagine getting (free) rewards for just being a nice and kind player. I would definitely play a lot more on this server and try to behave nicely. The baddies would either go away or improve their behavior, as there isn't fun anymore in behaving badly if you get those micro-punishments. *)

    An SCS could be an interesting new approach to control your players. I have never tested this and seen it on a real and big server. But there is the possibility, that everything goes wrong and your players leave out of frustration. But what is your opinion? This whole post was created in order to discuss it here in this forum. Maybe we will see a open-source plugin here on, which implements an SCS.


    *) Disclaimer: I am neither a psychologist nor a biologist. Everything following from here may be complete bullshit. I also translate all of my knowledge from german. So the following paragraph is maybe just crap.
    An SCS is also interesting from a psychological point of view, as a little reward triggers the reward system of your brain and dopamine gets released. Your body will never have enough dopamine and your brain wants more, dopamine is like a drug for your brain. So after a time, players will get maybe a bit addicted to doing good things and hate it to do bad things.
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  2. Strahan


    Interesting idea, but I have no idea how you intend to implement it. Like getting points for helping players; then the helped player would have some command to credit the helper? That'd be abused immediately. If it requires notifying a mod to apply points, still could be abused by friends just saying so-and-so helped me to boost their buddies. Chat filters are easy to bypass to avoid the punishments. Just seems like it would be a real headache to try to manage.