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  1. So what are your tips on building a solid and good social media foundation? Looking for a bit of an outsiders opinion here.
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    Let's pretend you own a faction server. For something like Twitter or Facebook, I'd look up popular factions servers and follow/message all the players following/that like their pages. There are programs that automate this.

    That's really all I'd do besides frequently posting
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    Seems kinda... scummy... don't ya think? You're essentially leaching players off another server.

    @OP What I suggest is having some sort of motivation to follow you. Do giveaways exclusive to Facebook / Twitter. Get a plugin that lets you redeem codes that you can tweet out. Get a plugin that checks if a user follows you on Twitter or likes your Facebook page and give them rewards if they do. If you have a motivation behind following an account, people will follow you
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    It probably is. It's a common tactic for social media advertising. If you can't keep players from other servers, your server isn't very good in the first place however. It's competition. And competition makes everyone's server better, and thus the player experience better, etc I'd argue while scummy, it's no less scummy than ripping off ideas from other servers, and that happens.

    Breaking the EULA to profit off of kids is illegal, a step above scummy, and lots of people have no problem doing that as well.

    Bottomline, it's a valid technique and it's useful. Yeah, it's not ethical. It does work however. So take that as you will.
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