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  1. My minecraft network provides minigames. Need 1 proxy server, 1 lobby and 2 server for a minigame. Isnt that expensive? I cant afford so many servers cuz the network reputation is currently 0 ($0 income from the network).

    Should i put all lobbies and game servers (not too much, 1 + 2 = 3) as different worlds into a single server? But wont it lag the server? Since the minigame uses quite a decent amount of entities. (About 20*100=2000, naturally spawned mobs and players excluded)

    Or, ultimately, should i host at home? But will i get hacked? Will i use up a lot of network bandwidth?
  2. Cheapest way to do this would be to rent a VPS and run them all on that.
  3. You'd need a decent VPS though. :p
    You could look at OVH or SoYouStart to get started.
  4. So u guys are suggesting me the all-in-one solution. Should i do mcprohosting? Do u guys think 2048 mb ram is enough?
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  5. 2048 ram is not enough to host 3 servers and a proxy. I would recommend a dedicated server or VPS from OVH!
  6. MCTrashHosting*
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  7. Don't use mcprohosting. You're better off with a very low budget on contabo and maybe get an dedicated server from soyoustart/OVH
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  8. OVH would be a good option. granted you will need to learn linux commands and screen and how to install software for use. but you will be in control of it. and will benefit you down the road for a dedicated server.
  9. If your going to pay $10 for a host, it has to be
    Definitely the best host out there
    You are getting what you pay for
  10. Purchase a VPS and create a BungeeCord and other servers, remeber to close port of no Bungee servers if you don'twant be griefed
  11. I'd suggest using an OVH Vps honestly but if you don't know how to setup an VPS than I'd suggest looking for a budget hosting company such as Pebblehost, Excaliburnode, SparkedHost or even FastSRV.
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  12. You need to ask your provider how much bandwidth you have and if you are encountering a few DoS/DDoS attacks. A iptable would fix the problem.
    And no you wouldn't get hacked if you would hide your real ip which is connected with your server and you need also have a strong password.

    But I think you wouldn't get hackers, (maybe 12 year olds) because you have some server.

    You need to go through much obstacles before you can home host and I only recommend it if it's a mini server for your family and friends.

    So, I recommend a VPS from Contabo or OVH.
  13. If you want to use a minecraft server host instead of a vps or something I'd recommend wulf hosting, I have had an amazing experience using their service. I stopped using it because I didn't want to host a server any longer as my friend had gotten a vps for himself and we use that now.
  14. You could use shared hosting to do this, but your best bet would probably be a Virtual Private Server.
  15. Hate to be the guy but honenstly, if you cant afford it don't do it, networks are hard to make and setup and without a playerbase having 2-5 games means nothing, if its minigames you could do it all in 1 server but i t would be hard, Running a network will cost around 40$ a month so if you cant pay for that than id recommend opening a normal server and see how that turns out
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