Solid DDoS protection provider?

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by kill_da_trolls, Feb 2, 2015.

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  1. trkey


    Update: We had to switch to ProxyPipe from x4b, as all of our PoPs kept getting hit off. However, a day or so after our switch to ProxyPipe, our server started getting attacked with attack methods that kept us down for a while. We then switched to InaBate, and all (or the majority) of the attacks stopped...
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  2. Guess who was DDoSing you to get your business then lol. Isn't Adam a known DDoSer? He hits off ProxyPipe and Fadecloud a lot. He contacted me trying to get me to sign up again, I probably am after OVH expires, but I don't support his business practices... there is literally video proof of him DDoSing Fadecloud.
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  3. trkey


    Thing is, we don't even pay Inabate anything lol... And, proof of him DDoS-ing FadeCloud?
  4. Yeah check ReactiveMC or Spyno's Twitter it's somewhere on there
  5. iLemon


    What you using now then?
  6. InAbate

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  7. It was a new attack method that Adam was testing. After proving that it worked, he got a TCP dump of it, and passed it on to Voxility, OVH, Staminus, and Blacklotus so that they could patch it.
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  8. You sure that's not a typo? I'm not sure why he'd want his own attack script to be patched if it was so deadly.
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    I'm locking this thread now. There's plenty of solutions and each time it goes into a raging bashing thread against who is best for mitigation (It will become very soon at the looks of it). There is no best. Simple solution, don't do things to make your server get constantly targeted for attacks. Search reviews on other websites for companies, also if you're getting "free" services don't expect them to hold up, and when you have a big big big problem, you can't complain since it's free.
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