[SOLVED]16 gig free server??

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by FwertaGaming, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Last night I had someone offer me a 16 gig free server. Would this be legit? It seems like quite a bit.
  2. Absolutely! Not. Nothing to lose though! Go for it. :p
  3. there is something to lose though, cause he wants to bungee it to my current server
  4. "Bungee"ing is harmless. All you need to do is make your server offline-mode and then if you wanna you can enable the bungee-cord node in the Spigot.yml. This doesn't give him any access to anything malicious. Simple. Just use a plugin like https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/hostname-whitelister-hostnamex.20492/
    to stop him from logging in as you.
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  5. ok, he hasn't responded to my kik yet, and only joined Spigot a day ago and claims to host 13 others. It just seems fishy.
  6. Wow, KIK is still a thing? And yeah. I wouldn't do it. You can, if you want.
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  7. Aight, thanks for help on both posts
  8. ye, kik is still a thing, I talk to my bae on there.

    Also, OP, don't.
    He'll probably want your server files, and then he'll fuck you up.

    Do not do this deal, unless weed killed all your brain cells, then you just don't give a fuck ;)
  9. u wot m8
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  10. He'll steal your server files and / or threaten you.
    A couple years ago I took up 2 server hosting sponsorships
    1) The guy tried to steal my server files and sell them
    2) The guy ddosed me repeatedly over 4 or so months just attacking me, threatening to swat me, ect.
    Once you connect to their server, they have your IP.

    I would strongly advise you not to do this.
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  11. Damn dude. BTW - We should probably not continue replying to this thread, it's been solved.
  12. lock it then; top right of thread.
  13. It's not mine.
  14. Turns out it is legit. Even if he does steal the files, I have a double backup and my old host. I've been kicking him for a while, he is very kind and polite and helpful. Thanks for the support though!
  15. no. just no.
    wtf killed your brain cells?

    If he steals your files, he can sell them, god.
  16. Only a matter of time before shit turns sour.
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  17. my server is absolute crap y would he sell them. and he hosts multiple servers, including legionmc
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  18. If your server gets any progress, it's gone.

    trust me, it will happen
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