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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Zendovo, Oct 14, 2017.

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  1. Hello there,

    I want to use Paygol with MinecraftMarket (Don't ask why not Buycraft I have preferences :/). I found a lot of reviews about Paygol saying they scam. I don't trust them fully so I want to know if it is trustworthy or not.

    Also I am not using Paygol for SMS payments I need the paysafecard Visa Mastercard stuf. I already have PayPal but also want to have another alternative as PayPal's paying system if you don't have a account isn't that great. About Stripe they do not support my country ;-;. :(
  2. I haven't heard anything good about PayGol, note that I have never used it myself though. I personally wouldn't trust it. Depending on your country of origin, Paymentwall may suit you, although I dislike the fact that it's american and they want to know a crap ton of info about you and receive documents about everything.
  3. I was gonna use PaymentWall but they want Tax ID.... Where would I get that from .-.
    I need to be 18 and have a registered company :/
  4. Clearly you haven't done your homework about them then. A tax ID something that is used for USA citizens. If you were to actually read the forms & documents and their respective instructions, you would know this. Also, they don't force you to register any business. Paymentwall works just as fine as individual without business. Heck, I was using it and I submitted my business papers and they even advised me to register myself as individual to save myself from filling so many documents.
  5. Wow I just went through their Payouts FAQ they want 20 euros... I think this might be the end of me using this bad company
  6. You sure? I went through their FAQ and Documentations briefly to see any info on it... Couldn't find it. And as a side note I live in India.

    Edit: Can you guide me a little more? If no I will just contact their support :)
  7. The W8-BEN tax form instruction document has this covered. I'm currently on my phone, can't really point you to it at the moment. It's somewhere in your user panel on their site.
  8. Ok thanks,

    Maybe I can figure something out.

    I'll lock this now
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