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  1. I'm using the Windows Task Scheduler to automate the updating of Spigot for my network. I've created a simple batch script that downloads the latest BuildTools JAR file once a day, but I am having issues creating a way for Spigot to be compiled automatically. Normally I'd have to open Git Bash to run my compiler script, but I only know how to do that manually (i.e. right-clicking and opening Git Bash and running the script).

    How can I have the compiler bash script run automatically?
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  2. This is a very bad idea, do not do it!

    ALWAYS be in control of your updates for Spigot/Plugins.

    If you automate it, your server will break randomly one day as every update has potential to break things.

    You should only do manual updates that you TEST before sending to your real servers.
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  3. Thanks for not helping. I know exactly what I'm doing. The servers don't automatically update; what I'm trying to do is simply have the latest JAR ready to go in my documents so I don't have to spend 10-15 minutes compiling it every time I want to update.
  4. I would be appreciative, as from reading your post it did sound like that you were going to automate spigot to update your server network.

    Anyway, if you were planning to, he would've probably been saving you from a potetnion problem.
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