(Solved) Best server version for Towny

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  1. 1.8

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  2. 1.9

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  3. 1.10

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  4. 1.11

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  5. 1.12

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  6. 1.13

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  7. 1.15

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  1. Hi, I'm hosting a private Towny Survival server, and would like to know what the best version to run is. I'm aiming at performance, but I'd always prefer something 1.12.2 or above as it has more features. Something between 1.8 and 1.13, maybe 1.15 if you think it’s a good candidate.

    The server will have a regular plugin load as about half are custom code. It will have some pretty harsh world generation though, I will pregen most of the world to lessen the effect but it is something to consider.

    So far I’m thinking of 1.12 but I’m not sure if 1.13 is actually faster.

    What version would you recommend for me?
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  2. Towny is about to get what will probably be the last update it makes for 1.13 (barring some hotfix builds.) Going forward we are going to be releasing for 1.14+ only. If you care about getting new features in your Towny, you will probably want to use 1.15.
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. @LlmDl Is there anything substantial planned for the new Towny updates for 1.15?
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  5. Update: I've tried 1.8, but there are so many bugs that I really don't want to solve that I'm going to 1.12.2. It has a great balance of performance, bug fixes, features and plugin compatibility.
    Unfortunately, 1.13 is the go-to version for plugin compatibility, however the game just gets slower at that point.
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  6. There's always going to be new things added and bugs fixed. Using old MC versions just for performance is silly when you look at how the player-base for old versions is constantly shrinking.
  7. That's completely valid - the player base is shrinking. Has performance been addressed properly in 1.15 or is it just as miserable as 1.13+?

    If 1.15 can perform well with a custom world generator, then I'm all for it. There are no world generators that work properly for 1.15, so that's no longer a worry.
  8. My users say it's maybe a bit better. The question is do you have a 100+ player-baseline? If no then don't worry cause your 1.13 server isn't going to steal any of that already established 1.13 Town playerbase, those guys already have a server,
  9. I'll just run 1.15 and get the many benefits. As I have a server which isn't even released yet, a small player base couldn't harm the latest version's performance cap.
    Thanks :)