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  1. Hi there!

    I randomly came up with a question

    Lets say there are two servers (lets call them server 1 and server 2) both in other datacenters

    Server 1 runs a bungee server

    Server 2 runs mc servers

    When server 1 gets a ddos attack does server 2 also die or how?

    Thanks for reading :)

    (yes i dont know about the inner workings of bungeecord)
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  2. A DDOS attack would attack your external IP. This IP is what leads players to your bungee. If this IP is being flooded (attacked), it will cause players to lose connection with your bungee server, thus losing connection to your secondary servers. The server never truly "Goes offline" but is rather running the entire time during an attack, it just loses exposure to the public internet connection going to it.
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  3. But would server 2 get some of that load (if it has a slower internet connection) (probs dumb question)
  4. both servers are technically taking the exact same load at the same time, as they all come through your main IP. The server's dont take the load really, (not the minecraft ones) however your entire dedicated box will be clogged with useless data, thus shutting out all of your servers at the same time during an attack.
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  5. But in this senario they both host on different phisical servers with theire own ip & internet connection, does that matter?
  6. Ok, so if they're on different machines, I would think they'd take down the primary bungee server, to render your proxy useless, and your servers inaccessible.

    However, yes, whichever server they were attacking would go down, and only that server, unless they DDoS'd both.
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  7. Well if thats the case, anyone connection through your main bungee proxy would lose connections to bungee, which is directing them to your other boxes. If they cant be re-routed properly to your other boxes, they lag out.
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  8. Okey thanks :)

    Got all the info i needed :)
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