[Solved] Chat Ex and PEX HELP! Extra Symbols

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  1. There are extra symbols around my prefix in PEX and ChatEx. Someone please tell me how to get rid of them. Thanks


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  2. What type of OS are you running on? Windows? Linux?
    I know for a fact that Windows hates UNICODE characters. I usually just deal with it and fix it when I upload it to a linux server.
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  4. I'm not sure what system it is running on. I'm renting a server from "Mossycobble" It has 1.5gb of Ram.

    My Personal Computer is a Mac. But the server is not running from my Mac.

    Here is the Server IP
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    PEX looks fine, try removing ChatEx (what do you need it for anyway? Use essentials chat...).
  6. I tried essentials chat it was 10 time worse. I had alot more errors than just 2 symbols.
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    Strange, something else is going on then. Never had this happen to me, can't really help you.
  8. ChatEx Is retarded, something is wrong with it :p
  9. ok ill uninstall Chat Ex and reinstall Essentials Chat and than ill upload the files for it so you can help me with it.
  10. Solved... ChatEx and Permission Ex Working Great. My Fix. Switched Servers from MossyCobble Server to CubedHost Server. Thanks Everyone...