[SOLVED] Colored name in tablist?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Yazio, Jun 6, 2015.

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  1. ok so im trying to make a 100% custom hub server but i wanted to have a colored name in tablist like this


    any ideas?

    EDIT: this displayname also comes up in tablist
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  2. Use the scoreboard team's prefix/suffix
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  4. @ExecutableFix is correct. You can use chat color codes inside the team prefixes.
  5. You would use essentials. Near the top of the config there is an option that says change name and you just want to delete the # before it.
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  6. @pondamo if u did read all that i said on top
  7. Add a team for that make the team color/variable colored and MAKE SURE ITS PREFIX & Suffix so it fits and doesn't screw up the skin.
    Prefixes have like 16 or 32 characters and so does suffix. But name is only 16 so I don't know.
    But you could add something cool with 16 characters in a prefix.
  8. @Latouth so ur saying that i should make a scoreboard? with a team that has a prefix and suffix (if i want suffix) and then add the player to the team and then on the player join i send them the scoreboard???

    just one more question what should the displayslot be?
  9. Make a team and stuff and give them the team, only way I know that doesn't screw the players skin.
    I'm not a developer so I'm trying to help as much as I can,
    I guess you send them it... Or you see the display slot to TAB or is it LIST?
    I think it's tab that she's up on tab, but also if you add them to a team it will give them the variable on the players name tag.
  10. ohh i thought u were a developer :p ... well i found this DisplaySlot.PLAYER_LIST

    but anyway thanks for helping me a bit (u sound like a developer)
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  11. worked... but
    it says 0.. is there anyway how to remove that?

    EDIT: i can only have 16 characters
  12. prefix + username + suffix = 48 characters.
  13. well do u know how to remove that 0?
  14. The 0 - or rather, the player list score, is hard coded into the client. As long as you are using the player list display slot, you will have that 0.
  15. You can bypass it, idk how but my friend I think did it in his Chromafy plugin.
    Thanks, but I'm not I just have a good amount of knowledge because I basically watched him make his SGPremium plugin in eclipse via Skype screen share, I watch him code so I learn some stuffz lol.
  16. Then he simply isn't using the player list display slot. (Not that you need to)
  17. But it bypasses the '0' ?
    Isn't adding a team not VARIABLE fix it?
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