[SOLVED]compatibility with elitemobs plugin to mythicmobs, multiverse core, and quest.

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  1. Im here to ask to see if elitemobs is compatible with mythicmobs, multiverse core, and quests. I haven't tried them all together yet and I want to know if they can be compatible with each other since I'm not sure if they are or not. Also, sorry if I'm being an idiot. If you ask why I'm using the other 3 plugins, well, lets not talk about that.
  2. I have never tried that very specific combination before, sorry.

    I mean, have you tried it and run into issues? Setting up a cloned server with some extra plugins to test it, shouldn't be too hard to get you to your answer I think.
  3. Of that specific combination I can attest to at least mythicmobs, elitemobs and multiverse core all working together. Though I can't confirm them working with specific Quest, but they have worked with another questing plugin ive used in the past.
  4. Your best bet would be to just give it a go on a test server, if you can't do that talk to the authors of the plugins and ask them. They will be able to give you the most direct and trustworthy reply.
  5. thanks for the answers, really appreciate it ^w^
    This is enough for me to try the combination, really hope it works. Might take a while to set the stuff up for the players to appreciate, first time trying out these plugins actually.
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