[SOLVED] CustomName "Hologramm" with Slimes

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  1. Hey Community,
    I am coding on a minigame thats like Trouble in Terrorist Town. But after some coding I had a question.

    That question is about collecting items in TroubleTown by right-clicking the slimes. Thats how it looks now. But when in the slime is a head, then it looks buggy.

    The Slime should be invisible and a head should be in it. Its because I want that the name is there when the player hovers over the head. If I just make the slime invisible, the name is also gone and nothing happens on hovering, exept when I am in Gamemode 3. In GM3 it works and looks like it should:
    So is it right. But how can I do it in Gamemode 2? :(
    Setting the CustomNameVisible to false and add just the effect is not working.. any packet or something like that?
    I could use Horses. But then the Hitbox is too large. Or I take the heads as the hitbox and make the Horses invisible via NBT... Could that work? or will the Hitbox then block that I can click the skull?


    How it should look (solved with 1.8 texture head, not recommed because custom skin textures is not available anymore):

    How ot looks (without 1.8 texture) :

    Bug with 1.8 textures(not 100% right placed..., little green stribes in the iron head):
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    You can use an invisible Armor Stand for this.
  3. No. Then the name is ALWAYS visible. It should only be visible when the player looks at the slime...
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    I said the same thing in your other thread, you can send a PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityLiving when the player is looking at the slime, if he isn't looking anymore you can send the PacketPlayOutEntityDestroy to remove the Armor Stand. It will do exactly what you just pointed out.
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  5. yes but then the player sees the slime ;)
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    Use an Armor Stand.
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  7. I find the slime there is smoother .. But when all people say noooo so it like that ans the asking Person feels just ignored because nobody helps him with HIS method.. :(
    so I need to do the armorstands with packets and not the slimes which had already the perfect hitbox....
    I will usw it first when you explain me how to usw the destroy packet.
  8. Makes the slime smaller if possible.
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    You could use the Slime as a hitbox and the Armor Stand to display the name-tag.
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  10. Sure, let's start throwing away CPU cycles.
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  11. What do you mean?
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    If you have a better idea I would like to hear it so @DevCubeHD can finish his minigame and I can give better advice later on.
  13. that is the last thing that is missing